First Interlude: 'Comment Une Vie Change...'

Author's note: There's a little something special in this part for you CJQ fans out there. (Or you who have been to Lyle's excellent site.) Also, see if you can explain some of the allusions in here. The timing is a little weird, but the timeline for JQ is hard to define, and this is an alterniverse anyway, so the heck with it.

This part can really fit anywhere in the released parts, either after part 2 or before it. It's quite a shortie, though.

Flash: Eight Years Ago, Panagua

Special Agent Code Name "Raven" of Intelligence One breaks into the Panaguan consulate clad in the skeletal costume suitable for the Dia de los Muertos. He enters into the main offices with little incident. After photographing incriminating documents, he is interrupted by a soldier guarding the grounds. "Raven's" eyes are burned into the memory of that soldier during the scuffle, but the soldier is overcome, and Raven gets away. He blends into the gleeful crowds, slowly makes his way to a shadowy corner, and pulls off the skeleton costume to reveal a business suit beneath.

He leaves the square, enters a car, and drives off, never having to run back to the square pursuing an errant child, nor ever having to see that Panaguan soldier again.


Flash: Seven Years Ago, Cali, Columbia

Special Agent Roger Bannon comes home to his wife and daughter, officially retired from duty after a string of successful missions, paired with just as many near-mutinous actions. Due to his new occupational status, he is able to reconcile things with his wife, Estella, and a year later move his young family to the United States, where Estella has earned a prestigious museum job. Race settles down to the slightly less dangerous (yet nonetheless exciting) life of part-time military consultant and physical trainer. The daughter, Jessie, is doted on by her parents and grows to be a smart, strong, outspoken young woman.

The Bannon family lives a nice, peaceful life in the Southern California suburbs, only traveling abroad for their annual vacations.


Flash: Six Years Ago, Key Largo, Florida

A small pet shop, popular among the young tourists visiting the tropical resort, receives a litter of puppies and puts them out for display. The residents of another small island nearby, a scientist, his wife, and his bodyguard, pass the shop without a second look. If they had brought the rest of their party, the bodyguard's wife and daughter, they may have stopped to look at the new puppies.

As it was, a cute bulldog puppy with peculiar black coloring around his eyes on an otherwise perfectly white body is bought and named "Endymion" by a young girl who is a fan of Japanese Anime.


Flash: Five Years Ago, Calcutta, India

Due to a questionable mental state, Doctor Benton Quest sends a proxy to give a presentation on the benefits and dangers of sound waves. The proxy, an unremarkable man named Frank Allen, is seen as no danger to a ring of nerve gas manufacturers testing their wares in the area. They make no attempt to dispose of him, and only later is their mountain base in a place called Barat closed by Interpol.

A mystical street urchin lounging outside Calcutta University goes unnoticed, only later to be taken in and raised by his friend, a street peddler.


 To be continued, in the present…


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1. The title means "How A Life Changes" in French (at least, according to the Altavista Babelfish Electronic Translator.) Interpret as you will.

2. I picked Cami, Columbia because, besides being one of the three Colombian cities I have heard of, I thought Race could have met Estella there while investigating the cocaine cartel based there. Don't try to get any historical accuracy out of me. I'm working straight out of the encyclopedia, and I'm not sure how up-to-date the info is.

3. I wonder if anyone will catch the allusion in the third vignette, so I won't explain it here. I know the timing may be a little early for the allusion, but nobody's perfect.

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