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I really love this background, and if anybody can tell me who made it I'd love to give that person credit...
Anyway, be gentle on the page, it's still under construction and all. The fanart and fics housed here are some of my favorites, and their creators have been kind enough to grant me permission to archive them. Please do not use any of the original images or stories here without seeking permission from the creators first. (Screenshots and Official Art are okay to steal, since I don't own 'em anyway.) If you have any questions about this policy or would like contact information for any of the creators represented, let me know.

A special note about the fanfic section: clicking on the name of a fic will take you to a brief "summary" page containing ratings and other information about the fic, as well as links to each individual part as posted on the JQML (where applicable). Some fics are not finished yet, but this is not my fault (for once!). Everything that's been publicly released is posted.

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Cruel & Unusual Punishment
A Simple Twist
Past, Present, Future
Tears & Silence
Cuts, Bruises, & Stupid Male Pigs
Grimm's Fairy Tales REVISITED
The 13th


LesliWeird's JQ Paradise, voted best JQ page on the 'net by Peggy & Courtney (1999) for its high concentration of blissful insanity.
Winnie Lim's Unofficial JQTRA Homepage, soon to be moving here
Fatima ali Raza's Jonny Quest Collector's Website, great for finding images (especially of merchandise, like the trading cards or comic books).
Suze Howe's page, known only as The Archive, the most complete collection of JQ fanfic on the planet.
The legendary Eraser Dust, the fanart mecca of the JQ fandom.
Lyle's Classic Jonny Quest page, best source of CJQ info on the web.
Ina-chan's JQ Page, containing lots of info (especially good for voice-actor info). Scroll down to the bottom for links to fanart/fanfic.
Jonny's Quest Video Archive, with information on obtaining TRA episodes on CD-ROM.
Dark Sentinel's Quest Headquarters, which is semi-retired but still slammin'.
Aspen's JQ Page, containing various fanart & fanfic.
Courtney's Questor Stuff, featuring the home of the infamous Cult of Rage and Race/chel Exposed, among other bizzare things.
The Mouse's TRAJQ Page, which features fanart, fanfic and a 17+ zone.
Renee's Sector Q, featuring a voice actors page and writing tips, plus a "fanfic of the week."
(retired, but a great multimedia section)
Martin's TRAJQ Page
The 1999 JQML Wildey Awards Page

Disclaimer: "Jonny Quest," "The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest," and "Jonny Quest: The Real Adventures" and all names, images or likenesses thereof are property of Hanna-Barberra Inc. They are used on this page out of love for the show in its many incarnations, and none of the authors or artists (not to mention the sitekeeper) are making any money off of this. ("Me no own. Please no sue.")

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