Winamp Skins

Except where noted, all skins made by Peggy.

Note: Where possible I have given a URL for the source of my images. Sometimes I've used original images, and then it's just tough. Sometimes I've used one of the same 42 JQ images that all JQ fansites have. If it's one of those pictures, I probably didn't bother to link you. If you find an image up here and you think I stole it and should be punished [stifled snickering] let me know at psychokat01 at yahoo dot com.

Jonny Quest/The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest

These two are almost-but-not-quite-exactly the same. I couldn't decide which one I liked better. [shrug] Take your pick. (Thanks to Suze for this image.)
Just Jonny. The graphic's wavy because it's one of the t-shirt designs and I lifted it from somebody's e-bay sale. Sue me.
I really, really like this one. Except for that random black patch at the bottom of the equalizer. Perhaps I should fix it. Hmm.
Jessie as the Little Mermaid. From the opening credits shot from LesliWeird's JQ Paradise ("Voted best JQ site on the web by Peggy and Courtney!").
Jessie as a Cyberbird. This picture is so nifty and bizzare it just screams "WINAMP SKIN!" (or wait, maybe that's the crack talking).
(Note: Isn't it weird that I've got two Jonny skins, two Jessie skins, and NO Hadji skins? [gasp] QUICK! To the skinner!)
Season 1 Race. Fur on a Catfish!
I got this image from Lyle's super-terriffic site. I'm pretty sure it's classified there as a fanart, even though it's by somebody who worked on the series, or maybe I'm just making that part up. Anyway, it's under "fanart". (And I had to cut Hadji out. What is going on here?!?)
This one's for Meach (Hi, Meach!) and the other lovely ladies of B.A.D. (if you don't know, don't ask; it'll only scare you). Yes, it's in black and white. Image is a Doug Wildey of Dr. Quest and Jonny (also from Lyle's CJQ page). Jonny got cut out. Ah well.

Various & Sundry Other Skins

[more snickering] Um. Yes. I couldn't decide if this really counted as "JQ" or not. Since it has very little to do with anything remotely canon in the JQniverse. What it is is Courtney's super-spiffy edit of a Bluefly ad, conveniently rearranged to involve a naked Jer (character from my fics--if you're really my friend you've already read them... many times [grin] (I'm kidding, btw. (Sorta.))). And what's not to love about that? As Abby so rightly said, "He's the hottest guy EVER!"
Thanks, Courtney. [glomp]
Spiiiiiiiike... Ahem. Sorry. Right. Anyway... This is Spike, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, who is extremely hot. Spike, not Buffy. Well, actually, I guess that just depends on your point of view... Right. This is actually one of my very favorites, and not just because Spike is hot. You could also say it's a skin of James Marsters, who plays Spike, and is very awesome in his own right (the only actor on Buffy who can consistantly do a realistic accent for more than five seconds! [cheers]). I got this picture from a lovely Spike/Roswell fansite that I seem to have lost the URL for, but it's a publicity photo and probably you can find it by checking Spike galleries. I link to them from my Spike Page in the Harem. Spike... Mmmm...
A fanart of Akio of the uber-schwae anime Revolutionary Girl Utena that I myself drew and painted. (The picture, not the anime.) "But," you might ask, "Where's his ponytail?" And the simple answer to that is... I don't paint mullets. Sorry, kids. (Also he looks much younger than in the anime... this is because I made his hair poufier, face and shoulders skinnier, and features more pointed. I think he's much sexier this way. [grin]) I later changed his eyes from blue to teal and added a yellow background and gave it to Jessie down the hall for her birthday. Yay! (Yes, btw, he *is* drinking orange juice out of a bourbon goblet. Of course he is! Don't ask stupid questions.)

Comments? Praise? Desperate requests for skins that only I (and the ridiculously simple program Skinner) can make?
Send a pigeon.

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