It occurs to me that since this page is about my friends and funny people I know, I should get the Cape Mixer picture and include all of the caped wonders (Not to mention Maurice, the Ghetto Cowboy). Currently I'm using the old background from my "Me" page, which is just me. At any rate, for those of you who weren't there or don't remember either, this is from the infamous Cape Mixer of 2001. Yay for St. X and confusing boys with tablecloths and bedsheets as fashion accessories.
So, at any rate, this page is (like all the others) still heavily under construction. Currently, the selections I'm offering are as follows:
  • Alcove Quotes 1999-2000, originally archived by Courtney but now happily housed here, and
  • Alcove Quotes 2000-2001, which include a greater variety of people and are still under construction (you'll notice the lack of page anchors and etc. This is because I was in charge of the quotes that year. [grin] Thus, the unfinishedness...). Possibly soon to come:
  • Funny Quotes from IU, Year 1

But if I were you, I wouldn't hold my breath.
As always, comments can be sent to me or put in the Guestbook (linked below).
If you enjoyed the "Alcove Quotes," you might also enjoy the Anarchy Club Movie which is completely unfinished, in the best tradition of projects in which I am involved. ^_^;;;

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