the basics
Hottie: Hadji Singh
Natural Habitat: The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, the 1996 series (and cute Little Hadji can be observed in the Classic 1960s Jonny Quest as well)
Height: According to the trading cards, 5'3" (but I'm in denial and claim he's much taller)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark, long, luxurious... Oh, dear. I sound like a Pantene commercial. (Is it legal to date a guy with better hair than mine? [pause] Who cares?)
Weight: Nicely built. VERY nicely built--buff from all that yoga.
Distinguishing Features: TURBAN! And beautiful olive skin, & high cheekbones. He is much much much too sexy for his turban--right, girls?
Notable Traits: Yogin; quotes philosophers & proverbs a lot.
Quote: "Oh, this is not good!" (Most frequently heard when the Hadji Groupies are gaining on him)
Blurb: He's beautiful and famous. Why do you need a blurb? For more info, go read up on Jonny Quest, or Jonny Quest: The Real Adventures. (How did you get to be friends with me without knowing who Hadji is, anyway??)

the verdict
Availability: So far, so good--the only two women he showed interest in on the show (Anaya Zin & Elise LeNoir) both tried to kill him, so I think it's safe to say he's not attached.
Pros: Cons:
-likes to be tied up -likes to tie up Jonny
-falls for evil women -has probably figured out why that's bad by now
-Season 1 -Season 2
-smart AND attractive -a cartoon character (but since when has that stopped me?)
the verdict? GO FOR IT!

where to find him on the web

LesliWeird's JQ Paradise
Yes, you heard me right, LesliWeird's JQ Paradise--home of the one and only JQ swimsuit calendar, Lesli's Cabana, and the only surviving Hadji-centric page on the 'net since Daria's died--The Hadji Sphere of Bliss, which also contains a large gallery.

Dark Sentinel's JQ Page
Darkie's page contains many things, including some good bios on the Quest Team and the impressive & awesome links page, which was at one time the most comprehensive available but is now, sadly, mostly defunct as JQ pages are dropping like flies. -_-

Suze's JQ Fanfiction Archive
The definitive resource for Jonny Quest fanfiction, among other things. Other JQ Stuff includes a gallery, fanart, sounds, & links, among other things.

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