2/3/03.Am working on new layout. Will be integrated into nobleferret. still haven't bought nobleferret--must be 98% done with coding before i'll let myself. currently somewhere in the high 30s or low 40s. Progress steady. No, really!

1/12/03. Good grief, I'm slow. Working on transferring everything to my new domain, which I'm putting off buying until I've got everything done. This should be interesting... Any rate, Peggy's Head will be moving intact, and I'm not quite sure how I'll separate it from PsychoKat*Prodcutions (a separate entity in the new layout). I think Peggy's Head will retain all fandom and original art, since a lot of my art's fanart anyway, and original writing will move to the PKP main. ::crickets:: Ah, I see... no one cares.
...Fair enough.

5/15/02. Actually put up some filler pages, so the only broken link on the main page is the "zen" one. Huzzah! Also, some of the filler pages actually have nifty things linked. How cool is that? Someday I'll have some content. Someday...

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