I smile because I don't know what's going on.
Lalala. Pictures. Enjoy.

HAIRCUT! --> Just home from the stylist | Souvenier! | Au Naturale (damn the flip!) | Zelgadiss hair! | I, too, now have the same exact haircut as Jer and Will. [sigh]

BAT-SOCKS!!!! --> bat-signaled | stripes!

So... which one would you rather kiss? --> options | another angle | guess which shade? | and another angle on *that* one... | Mwwa!

All Punked Out-->just for you, Schmitt | "punk is cool! tee hee!" | Pfft. | Cowabunga, dudette!

gratuitous pictures of my pretty punk hair--> How does this thing work again? | ::pokepoke:: | Highlights! | Oooh! | I'll just adjust the lens, and... | BLAH! | But I'm not all sugar & spice... | ...well... | Take that! | How do you like my quick head-butt action, hmm? | Contrast...