This makes me laugh. I would not be surprised if no one else found it even mildly amusing. it is the entire unedited conversation between me and paul in which he accuses me of being a half-Thai bastard and compares my father to Dale Gribble from "King of the Hill." And yet, somehow, I still like him enough to thoroughly enjoy my mental image of him as a cowboy. Mmmm. DemmyNati: hey peggy
Pegret 01: hey paul! what's up?
DemmyNati: just chillen before i go into work
Pegret 01: cool, cool
Pegret 01: how's that going?
DemmyNati: what have u been up to
Pegret 01: just got back from work. ^_^
DemmyNati: horrible, i hate my one manager other then that it wouldnt be too bead
DemmyNati: bad
DemmyNati: where do u work?
Pegret 01: yikes
Pegret 01: i'm a wage-slave salesfloor wench at the local Target. fun AND exciting...
DemmyNati: wage-slave?
Pegret 01: $6 an hour, baby. woo.
Pegret 01: [grin]
DemmyNati: um i make $10 at fedex
DemmyNati: but still my one manager makes work not enjoyable
Pegret 01: you lucky bastard!
Pegret 01: true, very true
Pegret 01: [laugh] so is the pay worth the aggervation?
DemmyNati: no not really
DemmyNati: but it is only for the summer
DemmyNati: that is what i tell my self when i get frustrated
Pegret 01: yeah, i do that too. "thank god this is only my summer job."
DemmyNati: other wise i wouldnt have lasted this long
Pegret 01: heh.
Pegret 01: hey, jen locy told me she saw you biking up in hyde park!
DemmyNati: i still work at sontags two days a week doing my delivers
Pegret 01: oh yeah? that's cool
Pegret 01: you must be making good money this summer then, i hope!
DemmyNati: yea my bro bought a house in mount lookout
DemmyNati: yea but i but it is wasted on stupid things
Pegret 01: you fool! like what?
DemmyNati: like a trip to windsor this past weekend iwht my buds
DemmyNati: that costed a pretty penny
DemmyNati: but it was a goodtime
Pegret 01: ooooh
Pegret 01: yeah
Pegret 01: i'd say that's worthwhile
DemmyNati: yea we had a goodtime
DemmyNati: so what all have u been doing this summer
Pegret 01: not much... working a lot.
Pegret 01: i'm trying to get off next tuesday so i can go to louisville and see a band play
DemmyNati: what band is that
Pegret 01: Goldfinger
Pegret 01: i saw them last summer
Pegret 01: they are soooooo awesome live
DemmyNati: that cool...i am going to see dave matthews in aug
DemmyNati: i saw u pictures earlier
Pegret 01: pictures?
DemmyNati: or ur drawing
Pegret 01: oh! the linke! ^_^
Pegret 01: er, link
DemmyNati: drawings
Pegret 01: i'd forgotten about that. ^_^
DemmyNati: pretty good
Pegret 01: yeah, i got my hair cut.
Pegret 01: thanks! ^_^
DemmyNati: hahaha
DemmyNati: so how short is ur hair?
Pegret 01: i had just realized that the haircut i got was just like two characters i draw a lot that have the same haircut
Pegret 01: pretty damn short--look at that link i just sent you. that's a picture from the ol' webcam
DemmyNati: like does ur hair fall down to ur shoulders?
Pegret 01: nope!
Pegret 01: [laugh]
Pegret 01: it's gooooooooooooone
DemmyNati: u mean no hair?
Pegret 01:
Pegret 01: well, i'm not exactly bald. [grin]
DemmyNati: oh ok
DemmyNati: u friend nikky did that
Pegret 01: yup! i thought about it
DemmyNati: really?
Pegret 01: there was a fundraiser... people would collect money to shave their heads for kids with cancer
Pegret 01: but i decided not to
Pegret 01: because they couldn't take my hair for wigs
Pegret 01: because i'd put blonde streaks into it
Pegret 01: well, "blonde" meaning "lighter brown," since even a lot of bleach doesn't really phase my hair that much
Pegret 01: [grin]
DemmyNati: hahaha, yeah u have dark hair
Pegret 01: yeah, when i got home from my haircut, dad asked me if i'd dyed it black
Pegret 01: i was like "nooooooo...... this is the color it always was......"
DemmyNati: hahah
Pegret 01: it does look a lot darker
Pegret 01: i'd gotten used to it with the streaks
DemmyNati: u look nothing like ur dad at all
Pegret 01: nope! well, actually, our noses are alike
Pegret 01: minus the color
Pegret 01: and i do have a bunch of freckles now
Pegret 01: but that's about it ^_^;
DemmyNati: what is ur ethnic background?
Pegret 01: i am, if you can believe it, 25% german and a completely inexplicable 75% irish. and yet.......
Pegret 01: i look like i do.[grin]
Pegret 01: makes no sense.
Pegret 01: my mother says there's "one french guy" back in our family tree
Pegret 01: and i'm beginning to wonder if he wasn't a moorish/black french guy
Pegret 01: because seriously
DemmyNati: that explain much
Pegret 01: my coloring is not your normal german/iris look
Pegret 01: *irish
DemmyNati: that doesnt explain much i mena
Pegret 01: just a theory. [girn]
Pegret 01: nope..... it's a mystery.
DemmyNati: u want to know what my theory is...
Pegret 01: sure.
Pegret 01: what's your theory?
Pegret 01: "momma's baby, daddy's maybe?"
Pegret 01: [grin]
DemmyNati: i bet ur mom had an affair with some big tall stud from thailand
Pegret 01: well, maybe for francis..... he's over 6' now..... but i'm not really that tall, considering
Pegret 01: [laugh]
Pegret 01: thailand..... you really think i look thai? i'll have to add that. i've been accused of being mexican, spanish, japanese, and black in the past.......
DemmyNati: but that will explain ur skin color
Pegret 01: true
Pegret 01: if my hair was darker i could be indian
Pegret 01: i mean from india, indian. my roommate at college thought i was a native american indian when she first met me. [grin]
DemmyNati: definitely add the thai
Pegret 01: definitely ^_^
DemmyNati: i think that is what u thought
DemmyNati: i thought i mean
Pegret 01: what, that i was thai?
DemmyNati: have u ever seen king of the hill?
Pegret 01: i love that show ^_^
DemmyNati: no native american but then the more i thought about it, i thought thai cause i have seen people from there
Pegret 01: that's cool
DemmyNati: well u know how the one neighbor has a son who looks nothing like him and the wife is running around with this native american dude
Pegret 01: yes!
Pegret 01: are you saying my father is DALE??? [gri]n
DemmyNati: that is where i got the idea
DemmyNati: yea something like that
Pegret 01: [laughs] well, at least you didn't say i reminded you of Peggy Hill!
Pegret 01: my dad did kill our entire lawn once.
Pegret 01: which i believe dale once did to hank's.
DemmyNati: and ur dad is pale like dale not as dumb though
Pegret 01: nowhere near as dumb
Pegret 01: although he can be randomly completely insane about some things.
Pegret 01: as far as i know, he's not a conspiracy theorist.
DemmyNati: like ur curfew in high school
Pegret 01: yes. that sucked. luckily, now i get to "use my own judgement" about when to come home. woohoo!
DemmyNati: that is how it was for me back then
DemmyNati: i mean in high school that was what my parents said
Pegret 01: yeah, i know. you lucky dog! [grin]
DemmyNati: want to know why
Pegret 01: why?
DemmyNati: cause i am a male!
Pegret 01: [laugh] probably, actually. also you're the youngest, so possibly your parents already hashed it out with your brother and just didn't want to get into it with you.
DemmyNati: yea u are right
Pegret 01: my dad's really funny that way. when i left for college he was really worried about me. it was cute. my mom was like, "See ya!" but dad was like "My baby girl! You're too young to leave!"
DemmyNati: samething but vise versa in my house
DemmyNati: my mom did want to let me go, but my dad was like let him be a man and go off into the sunset
Pegret 01: ooh, cowboy paul! riding off into the sunset and suchlike. now there's a fun image.
DemmyNati: my mom did not want me to go, i hate typing
Pegret 01: yeah, that's one of the many fun gender-roll-reversals in my house. my mother was completely unconcerned.
DemmyNati: i think it just depends on if the kid is a boy or a girl then the parents act accordingly
Pegret 01: could be. i think it depends on the parents, too. i know a lot of girls who didn't have curfews.
DemmyNati: dad is more strict on daughters and so on
Pegret 01: that's cause he loves us more and worries more about us : P
Pegret 01: [grin]
DemmyNati: P?
Pegret 01: : P
Pegret 01: :-P
Pegret 01: i suppose
Pegret 01: i don't like that smiley
Pegret 01: i want a brattier one sticking out its tongue at you. : p
DemmyNati: no comprenda
DemmyNati: oh
DemmyNati: well i am going to lay down before work
DemmyNati: later
DemmyNati signed off at 12:24:54 AM.