Title: "Do Tell, Peggy!"

Disclaimer: HA! Like I have the money/stature/copyrights to own anything. HA!

Categories: NF, H, ML

Rating: G (the d-word at the end, but no biggie. ::grin::)

Date: 7/23/99

Author: Peggy (pegret01@aol.com)

Note: This fic is best read with one of those "granny" accents. This is the true story of how I joined the JQML, thanks to "Night of the Zinja," my little brother Francis, and my buddy Elizabeth Rauf. ::grin:: Posted as requested. ::laugh:: Enjoy... 

Do Tell, Peggy!

Peggy pushes her glasses up on her nose and peers out at those gathered before her. In a shaky voice, she begins to speak:

"Well, most of you Newbies weren't around when I joined the list... Goin' on two years ago, it was. Why, I remembers like it was yesterday...

"Those were the good days, back when I was still a happy Freshman in High School. Even as a young whippersnapper I knew that cartoons were something you just couldn't pass up. Sooo, every day I'd sit my liiiiittle brother, Francis, down on the couch, and make him watch cartoons. He warn't more'n eleven years old at the time... ::fade to flashback mode::


Young Peggy, full of energy, is on the phone with Elizabeth, AKA Lizz. As she

chats, she's vaguely watching the TV in the other room, which happens to be showing one of her favorite after-school cartoons, TRAJQ. She doesn't LOVE it or anything, but she enjoys it.

"Yeah, so..." Peggy suddenly breaks off as a strange comment floats in from the other room, in which Francis, her 11-year-old brother, is watching TV while reclining on the couch.

Elizabeth was confused. Suddenly Peggy had stopped talking and instead was laughing hysterically for no apparent reason.

"Peggy?" she yelled. "Peggy! What are you laughing at? PEGGY!"

"S--sorry, Lizz," Peggy giggled, wiping tears of laughter out of her eyes. "It's just that..." She began to laugh again. "Okay, sorry. Sorry. It's just that Fran's watching that Jonny Quest show... The cartoon, you know? Right, so all of a sudden Jonny's pulling himself in the window and Fran kinda yells, 'WHOA! Jonny's BUFF!'"

Elizabeth paused and began to laugh herself. "Well, I'm glad your little *brother* noticed," she said. "Jonny's BUFF!" ::end flashback mode::



"And so, there I was, needing a birthday card for Elizabeth... And in MY day,

to get a card, you had to walk FIIIIIIIF-TEEN MILES in the snow, UPHILL *BOTH* ways...So I decided I'd just make one. Yes, old Peggy used to be quite the artist..." Peggy gazes off into the distance for a few seconds, and then resumes her tale. "Well, anywho, I went online and looked up "Jonny Quest." I thought maybe I could find a picture and draw her a card that had Jonny on it, with the "Whoa, Jonny's BUFF!" below it. And I came to a strange place called Dark Sentinel's Jonny Quest Page. So I looked and looked, and found a good picture, and, weeeell, one thing led to another, and I noticed a liiiiittle bit of something on the page. It looked harmless enough... HA! "Join the Jonny Quest ML," it said. "Get lots of E-mail," it said. Well, it warn't kidding!" Peggy waves her cane at the audience of Newbies. "I never had so much E-mail in my LIFE!" One of the Newbies bursts into tears. Peggy sits back, calmly folding her arms across her lap. "Well, like I always say, ain't nothin' wrong with a little e-mail. Next thing I know, I ain't got my own teeth no more an' I'm walkin' with a cane." Peggy sighed. "I remember back when I was a Newbie. Those were the best days of my--"

Just then Dez and Amy burst in. "Hey, Peggy, we're gonna go trash the HB excec's offices! Wanna come?"

Peggy throws off her shawl, flings her cane down, and shakes the flour out of her hair. "Hot damn!" she yells, chasing after them. "Wait up!" Her glasses fall off, and she steps on them, oblilvious.

The newbies blink back and forth at each other. "Do you think we'll ever be that crazy?" one asks.

"You see what two years does to YOU," another one replies.