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At the sound of the back door opening and closing for a second time in less than ten minutes, Race Bannon got out of bed to see what was going on at the compound. "If it's Will out star-gazing on the beach, then she didn't stay very long. If it's Doctor Quest, then he is working on something in the lighthouse and forgot to take something with him. If it's the kids---and it better not be---they better have a very good explanation." Race looked out the window. It's the Doctor, but he is in his robe and carrying what looks like a blanket.

Something drew Race's attention to the lighthouse. "What the heck is Will doing standing out on the promenade in nothing but a nightgown?" He is torn between concern and a guilty feeling of voyeurism. It's strange that the Doctor and Will would leave separately if they had chosen the promenade for a tryst. More than likely, Benton was being the "World's Smartest Idiot" (as Will refers to Benton when they disagreed about something), or else it was another fight over Intelligence-One being the US's answer to the Gestapo.

Race Bannon returned to his bed. As he again settled down for the night he thought back to last year. Will would kill Terry if she ever found out that Terry had told him about her crush on Doctor Quest. He should have thought about getting Benton and Will together years ago. Benton's kidnapping last year was by sheer misfortune. That gave Race the perfect excuse to introduce them to each other. To say the two had become interested in each other was an understatement.

It had taken Race over two months to convince Doctor Quest that Will wasn't just going to just show up at the compound's front door one morning. Benton Quest was going to have to go get her, that is, if the Doctor was as interested as he claimed he was. That had been two months of sheer hell for everyone. The Doctor had even gotten to the point were he was snapping at Hadji over the smallest thing.

Race shook his head and laughed as he remembered Terry asking two months before the kidnapping if Doctor Quest would be with him. He had stopped by HQ for his quarterly debriefing when Terry asked about Benton Quest. He had asked Terry why the interest in Doctor Quest. Terry had told him he wasn't interested, but usually when the Doctor visited I-1 it turned a certain female agent into "mush for brains."

Race couldn't stand it; he had to know who it was that had an interest in Doctor Quest. Oh, he had seen the appreciative stares that Daria and Sherry had thrown Benton's way. Several of the female agents always found an excuse to talk to Doctor Quest when he was at HQ. Terry laughed---no; it was someone Race would never suspect of being affected by anyone in that fashion, but he had seen this person walk into a wall once because of Benton Quest.

This person had also started an electrical fire because she was too busy watching Doctor Quest to concentrate on what she was doing. This made Race even more determined to find out who it was.

At this point in the conversation Will Harkness joined them. She had asked after his health and about Jessie and Estella; then she had asked about his assignment and how that was going. Race had looked at Terry. Terry had looked at Race. Race knew instantly that it was Will. Over the years he had forgotten that Will was a woman. She was more like a sister to him. The thought of Will having desires like other women was a shock and a surprise for Race Bannon.

For some reason, it struck him that day that she and Benton would make an ideal couple---that is, if he could ever get them together. Both of them were known to be as stubborn as mules and twice as ornery.

How could Race get the Doctor to notice Will? True, she wasn't a head-turner like most of the women he knew, but she was petite, cute, and round in all the right places. What was more important, she was intelligent enough to carry on a conversation without the Doctor becoming bored. Race Bannon made up his mind as he watched Will walk away that he would come up with something.

The misfortune of the Doctor's kidnapping had been the catalyst that had brought the two together. Years of loneliness and human nature had taken its course. That Benton Quest had been the aggressor in the situation had been a shock. Race figured on Will taking the lead.

Then, as luck would have it, Zin had joined the party. He remembered the look on Benton's face as Will lay bleeding in his arms after being shot by Doctor Zin during their escape. Race had been looking for a plane to use in their escape from Zin's island; leaving Will to guard Doctor Quest. Doctor Zin had taken a shot at Doctor Quest but Will had stepped in front of Benton, taking the bullet herself. Race often wondered if the Doctor had relived Rachel's death during those moments.

Things had gotten worse before Benton Quest realized that the little I-1 agent had gotten under his skin. There had been the false rumor of the Doctor's marriage to Kathy Martin. Then there was the United Nations affair. It had ended with Will being handcuffed and accused of trying to kill the President of the Czech Republic, Alena Stasny. Finally, Jonny, who hated the thought of his dad looking at any woman, had suggested that the Doctor just marry Agent Harkness. Of course, Jonny never once suspected that his father would take seriously the comment he had made out of irritation and intended as a joke. It had stunned everyone when Doctor Quest did just that, especially, Jonny, even though it had been his suggestion.

In an act of manic impetuousness, Benton Quest had stormed Intelligence-One Headquarters armed only with a minister, matching white gold wedding bands and a marriage license. Doctor Quest had emerged victorious with a stunned, but deliriously happy, bride.

Things hadn't been quiet since life had become a series of debates, challenges, and dares between Doctor Quest and Will. Race now knew where Jonny got his impulsiveness from---Benton. More than once he had reminded the Doctor and Will that there were three teenagers living in the house. It wouldn't be a good idea for the newlyweds to do certain things during the middle of the day with doors unlocked in rooms that anyone could just walk into.

Those were Bannon's last thoughts as he drifted off to sleep.

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