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"I have made that gorgeous red headed husband of yours my slave. He will assist me in the ritual, as I cut his child from you. He will hold the basin as I slit its throat. Just think my dear little sister the last thing you will ever see as your life drains from your body will be your husband making love to me." Harsh female laughter echoes through the room.

I bolt upright screaming from the chair I have fallen asleep in. "ANGELIQUE!" Before my grandparents can stop me I'm running out of the house. I must get to the hotel. Something is wrong.

"Benton! Where is Benton?" My voice is edging on hysteria as I burst into the suite. The scene that greets me tells me everything I need to know. Race is sitting at the table with his head in his hands. The boys are silently sitting on the couch. A bruised and battered Mulder is being treated by Scully.

"He's been kidnapped." Race states flatly.

I shriek, "NO! You are supposed to protect him!" as I throw myself at Bannon. He restrains my wrist as I struggle and howl, "NO! HOW, how could you let this happen?"

Bannon shakes me. "Do you think I LET this happen? Will, do you think you're the only one who's upset over this?" Race takes a deep breath.

"How?" I ask on a ragged exhale.

Bannon blows out his breath. "We went in a Voodoo shop and all Hell broke loose. One minute he was there and the next he was gone."

Race touches my shoulder. "Will, tell me what I have to do to find him."

I shake him off. "Do you remember where the shop was? Take me there. Take me there, now."

Mulder puts his hand on Race's shoulder. "Race, you and Will try to find Doctor Quest; Scully and I will look after the kids."

I move towards the bedroom. "I have to get something." When I return I am carrying a machete. I twirl it up and back into a scabbard fastened on my back. "Either someone will answer my questions or someone will die." Scully and Mulder are looking at controlled fury and they know it.

Race takes me to the shop. Instead of finding what he had seen this afternoon, all we find is a place with the windows covered in yellowed and peeling newspapers. The door is pad locked shut and by the amount of rust on the lock, it's been there for a while. "NO! This isn't possible. It's the same place but---How is this possible?" Bannon has gone pale under his normal healthy skin coloring. I rattle the chain and padlock thinking the thing will disintegrate in my hands.

Race moves me out of the way. Dispensing with finesse, he pulls his Browning 9 mm and shoots the padlock. Once the door is open it reveals an empty room with the floor covered in a thick layer of dust. No one has been here for years. In the dust is a white gold St. Christopher and a broken chain.

I scream to the night. "DAMN YOU ANGELIQUE! Give him back to me or I swear I will hunt you down and kill you!" Soft echoing female laughter drifts back on the night air. A pain stabs through my heart, as a second pain slashes across my abdomen. I double over reeling.

Someone gently calling my name brings back from the darkness that engulfs me. Race is sitting on the sidewalk cradling me in his arms. "Will, Will, do you think you can stand? Will, I'm going to take you to the hospital."

"No," I feebly protest. "I don't need to go to the hospital."

"Will, the baby?" Bannon's handsome face is laced with concern.

"Angelique was just showing me a little taste of her powers. She needs the baby. She won't do anything to harm me or the baby until the time is right." I stand up on wobbly calf's legs. Bannon steadies me.

Race and I return to the hotel. I tell Race that I must leave but he knows where he can reach me. There is no time left. I have to finish what I have started. He nods his head in agreement. "I know you're going to go out hunting Angelique. Don't do it alone. I'll go with you."

I lean up and kiss his cheek. He touches the spot and says, "I know it means nothing."

"No, it means 'Thank you.' Race, I don't know what I would do if you weren't here for us." I smile a sad, little, wan smile at him before I walk away.

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