Buffy: "You cannot have a crush on something that is dead and evil and a vampire!"

-"Blood Ties," Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Season 5)

Yeah, Well... I'm with Dawn on this one.

the basics
Hottie: Spike, aka "Bloody William," aka "Big Bad"
Natural Habitat: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, seasons 2-present, played by James Marsters
Height: 5'10". Taller than Buffy, smaller than Riley (but who isn't?)
Eyes: Dark Blue
Hair: Bleach-Blond! (naturally brown)
Weight: "...strong and mysterious and sort of compact but well-muscled--" --Xander
Distinguishing Features: A scar through his left eyebrow lends an air of menace, as does his lovely brooding wardrobe (black leather duster, black nail polish, black everything else)
Notable Traits: Vampire.
Quote: "I'm not lurkin', I'm hangin' about. It's a whole different vibe."
Blurb: He's puuuuure evil, and also very sexy. A vampire, he's roughly 120-ish. He really enjoys pain (other people's). He drives a 1963 DeSoto and likes the Ramones.

the verdict
Availability: [deep breath] Well, he was with Drusilla for a looong time, but she left him for a Chaos Demon during Season , after which he was so incredibly upset that he hooked up with Harmony. After having the chip implanted by the Initiative, he began to develop feelings for Buffy (who hates him with a passion. Drusilla returned, wanting to party & wreak havok with Big Bad, only to find him a) shacking up with Harmony and b) in love with Buffy. This led to an interesting confrontation involving Spike and these three lovely ladies (in the episode "Crush," S5). Sooooooooo...
  • Drusilla's given up on him because he's gone soft.
  • Harmony left him after coming home to find that Spike had two *other* women tied up...
  • Buffy *still* hates him (and, as of the S5 finale, is dead...).
So perhaps the right lovely lady could step in and comfort Spike after Buffy's death. Of course, either Dru (scary) or Harmony (annoying) could reappear at any time...
  • Pros: Cons:
    Final Verdict: Proceed with caution!

    where to find him on the web

    In Dreams

    An *absolutely* beautiful Spike site. Also home to Upyr University (that's Romanian for "Vampire"), where you can be cool like me and earn a degree in Vampirism or Spikeology (also Angelology/Drulogy/Darlogy).

    Eternal Nightcap

    A Spike/Angel 'shippers site. Very beautiful, informative, and above all, amusing. Be sure to check out Avarice's kick-ass wallpapers in the download section (especially the non-Spikey but still hillarious Angel & "All your base are belong to us" one) and the Angel Dance. Avarice's links buttons & banners are way too schwae for me to pick just one.

    For the serious hardcore Spike lover. The graphics are slick (although based on the same few pictures). Home to the Spike-Lovers' ML.

    Fists & Fangs
    A guide to writing Spike. Well-done and well-organized, with lots of links to fun S/whomever 'ships and an excellent and amazing Spike gallery. ^_^ Yummy!

    Secret Shame
    A Spike/Buffy site. Because I want my little Spikey to be happy, that's why. And because he does the "mournful eyes" so very, very well.

    Baby Girl
    A Spike/Dawn site. Yes. Even more sick, twisted, and wrong than S/B. What is it with Spike & Summers women? This is a Bizzare Love Triangle almost as bad as Me/Paul/Joe.