Pegret 01: aha!
SchmittVanDean: Hi!
Pegret 01: iw as hoping you'd be here
SchmittVanDean: Yes?
Pegret 01: i just woke up
SchmittVanDean: YAY
Pegret 01: and i had the funniest dream
SchmittVanDean: Jolly good. ^_^
SchmittVanDean: Yes?
Pegret 01: and you were in it!
SchmittVanDean: <giggles.>
Pegret 01: nope, but it did include a stampdede of mysterious creatures called "coaculons"
SchmittVanDean: Oooooooo
Pegret 01: or maybe "coacqulons"
SchmittVanDean: ...
Pegret 01: anyways
SchmittVanDean: So what happened?
Pegret 01: you were visiting the nati
SchmittVanDean: TELL ME! :D
SchmittVanDean: Yes.
SchmittVanDean: HOORYA
Pegret 01: and apparently you were much taller, because you were tall. also you wore a billowing tan trenchcoat. {ed. note: like Riff from Sluggy Freelance}
SchmittVanDean: ...
SchmittVanDean: I was Fox Mulder, wasn't I?
SchmittVanDean: Naughty Peggy.
Pegret 01: we took you to graeter's, because that's where i take everyone that visits, because it's an awesome local ice cream place
Pegret 01: only we took you to the old, nonexistant one UNDER the ciy, in "old cincinnati" (which does not exist in real life)
Pegret 01: and w ecouldn't leave
SchmittVanDean: ...
SchmittVanDean: You watch Futurama, don't you? :D
Pegret 01: because we had to go through "the tunnels" to get out
Pegret 01: BUT
Pegret 01: right when we wanted to go
SchmittVanDean: Yes
SchmittVanDean: ?
Pegret 01: there was a highly dangerous COACQULON STAMPEDED!!!
Pegret 01: er, stampeded
SchmittVanDean: OMG NO
Pegret 01: er, STAMPEDE
SchmittVanDean: TEE JEE
Pegret 01: there we go
SchmittVanDean: You sound like me!
Pegret 01: my mother (who was there)
Pegret 01: was like "stop! coacqulons!" and we all LEAPT behind the tables
SchmittVanDean: <Laughs.> I leap?
Pegret 01: as they stampeded past graeter's (it wasn't a normal graeter's, it was older and classier)
Pegret 01: that's why i remember the trenchcoat. it billowed quite nicely. i think you had a gray suit underneath.
Pegret 01: anyway, we all hid
Pegret 01: and a baby coaqulon (looked a lot like a pony) {ed. note: thanks to Spirit, Stallion of the Cimmaron(TM), for Young Spirit, who WAS the baby coacqulon}
Pegret 01: hit the door open and staggered in, disoriented
SchmittVanDean: <giggles.>
Pegret 01: and my mom was like "stay hidden! the older ones will come after it!"
Pegret 01: because they could smell its trail
Pegret 01: and apparently the adults are really dangerous
SchmittVanDean: <Laughs hysterically.>
SchmittVanDean: You are quite hilarious.
Pegret 01: it was very jurrasic-park esque, if you want the atmosphere
Pegret 01: just wait, it gets better
Pegret 01: the adult one comes in
SchmittVanDean: <Laughs.> Hooray!
SchmittVanDean: Yes?
SchmittVanDean: HOORAH
Pegret 01: it's this little uglyass dog
Pegret 01: with HOOVES
SchmittVanDean: KILL IT
SchmittVanDean: DAN DOG
Pegret 01: (so it can stampede doncha know)
SchmittVanDean: MUTANT DOG DIE
SchmittVanDean: TEE HEE
Pegret 01: and it has a little pink bow
SchmittVanDean: <giggles.> Right.
Pegret 01: and it calls the younger oneand the younger one (a pony, remember) follows it
Pegret 01: my mom's like, "man, that was one ugly dog"
Pegret 01: and i'm like "I thought it was a coacqulon"
SchmittVanDean: <Laughs.>
SchmittVanDean: IT WAS A DO
SchmittVanDean: G
Pegret 01: and she's like "come on!" and leaps back out from behind the tables
Pegret 01: and leads us out through the tunnels
Pegret 01: then
Pegret 01: at the end
SchmittVanDean: Yes?
SchmittVanDean: Yes?
SchmittVanDean: TELL <E
SchmittVanDean: ARGH
Pegret 01: she takes you into the fabulous nonexistant "cigar shop" near the exit
SchmittVanDean: ...
Pegret 01: but since i'm allergic to smoke i go straight outside into the beautiful sunny gardens (it was night not long ago)
SchmittVanDean: I HAT THE SMOKE
Pegret 01: and meet you out there, but then my dream abruptly changes
SchmittVanDean: &HATE
SchmittVanDean: Yeah?
SchmittVanDean: BED
Pegret 01: to involve secret societies of frats with funny radios and spaceships and tractor beams and the good frat/society was trying to save the world but
SchmittVanDean: ...
SchmittVanDean: <---terrified of what the future of this may be.
Pegret 01: its ship had just been pulled in by a tractor beam but dragged underwater when the phone rang and woke me up
Pegret 01: so that's all there is
SchmittVanDean: <Laughs.>
SchmittVanDean: WOW.
SchmittVanDean: 0_0
SchmittVanDean: I want your subconscious!
Pegret 01: my mom said she was "really amused that i was such a 'power-puff girl'. i knew what the coacqulons were!"