Crappy crappy digi-pix. I promise to do good scans later, perhaps when I return to IU since they actually have a scanner big enough. My scanner's just a liiiiiiiittle bit too small, and I don't feel like scanning them in sections. Plus on Hobson's Choice this gives an ever-so-slightly better idea of the way the figure isn't flat but is folded over and actually protrudes from the page.

"DanceMan--DANCE!!!" (or, if you prefer, "Dance, Man! Dance!!")
I sort of thought Courtney would enjoy this one. Note the green mohawk that overflows the page. (Cut paper)

"Hobson's Choice, I see?"
Got the name from a Hadji quote. Yes, my JQ obsession influences everything I do and will for the rest of my life... (Cut paper)

"Untitled (Shiny Shiny!)"
We took tiny viewfinders and picked interesting contrast pieces about 3/4" by 1" and drew them in thumbnail, then blew them up. I added color. It's more blinding in person.....(crayola markers)